The Exodus Road Freedom Home Scam

One of our team members investigating The Exodus Road has noticed the costs for Thailand operations, which is 347,367 USD per year, and for the Freedom Home, which is 160,306 USD per year in Thailand. It’s not a coincidence that the costs are very high in the country where Matt Parker and Laura Parker mostly reside.

The Audit can be found by clicking here

160,306 USD per year for Freedom Home and 346,267 USD per year in Thailand for what?


This sort of property costs 15000 baht a month rent in that quiet location which is around 433 USD a month

The Exodus Road is claiming that this 3-bedroom property and staff costs them 160,306 USD per year when the staff bill is around 2,000 USD a month. (4 staff) 24,000 USD per year in total plus 500 USD a month for rent/electric/water, let’s say another 12,000 a year for food maximum.

Which is around 48,000 USD per year in total costs (not 160,000 USD) for The Freedom Home

Where does the rest of the 112,000 USD per year for Freedom Home go?

We spoke with other Christians in Chonburi/Thailand area and they were paid to take some women who were staying at Freedom Home for a few days (who were all over 18) to their Christian classes. The Exodus Road claims not to be religious but it spends a lot of donation money on trying to convert Buddhist women who are weak and vulnerable into being Christians.

They use donation money to get other Christians to be part of the mentorship which is 100% Christian teachings. We were told this by people on the ground but this confirms it on their site.
The Mentorship program is purely trying to get people to become Christians. And none of these women were trafficked or under 18.

As previous articles stated (What is The Exodus Road’s True Goal) They are spending lots of donors’ money on trying to influence women to become Christian, which is not what the donations are meant to be for. Even if you are a Christian donor, it’s not cool to be lied to about where your money is going.

In addition to 160,306 USD spent per year in Thailand on Christian missionary work and Matt/Laura’s lavish 278,000 USD salary lifestyle. They also spend 347,267 USD a year visiting bars/brothels in Thailand doing undercover work and possibly spending most of that on a lavish lifestyle. They do not have any costs apart from paying corrupt officials (allegedly) to set people up and there are no undercover costs apart from operatives needing cash to get to “know” the ladies, whilst working illegally. Which Thai police have promised to investigate soon.

Someone needs to investigate why 160,306 USD and 347,267 USD is being dumped into Thailand and why no one is truly being rescued and no aftercare. Just nights out for the undercover operatives, free sex, expensive meals, and first-class flights.

Look at the millions spent on professional services, flights, travel and entertainment and salaries to see where the money is being used for lavish lifestyles, anti-prostitution campaigns, and trying to convert Buddhist women to Christianity. This is NOT being spent on real human trafficking issues; help us report them today. Whilst some people do not agree with prostitution, the money has to go to what it says is being used to fix. (Shouldn’t be spent on setting up innocent bar owners by paying cashiers to bring in underage girls using someone else’s ID)

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