My name is Jason, I first heard about these human trafficking charities because I live in Thailand and have more than 3 friends who operated businesses , and were arrested on false human trafficking charges. For those who live in Thailand, we see open-air bars as normal, but for people donating in America to these ridiculous charities, they have no clue that these girls work in bars by their own accord, that they lied and used someone else’s ID card, they need money for their families and they can come and go whenever they want. The bar owners look after the waitresses with salaries, rooms, and other care, the girls come and go as they please and everyone is happy.

These Christian-based charities such as The Exodus Road do not rescue trafficked women in USA (where their donations come from clueless good-hearted Christians) because it would be expensive, Moreover they do not offer care for the children that they save in Thailand (or other countries I suspect) because that costs money, (even though they have 5 million USD a year in donations and the CEO Matt Parker and his wife Laura Parker share the same job role and pay themselves 180,000 USD a year. They DO try to hide many things about their company and themselves pretending that they do dangerous work, seeing normal people thrown in jail for 10–15 years. Thailand has a guilty until proven innocent system, which hopefully will work against Matt Parker and his operatives for working illegally in Thailand.

Where is the evidence? Read The Open Letter about The Exodus Road things haven’t changed, they are just more careful than before.

There are many good human trafficking charities out there that could get your money and really change the world, but people give it to charities like The Exodus Road and Operation Railroad. Both of these charities have been exposed, but they publish books, pay for emotive videos, spend lots of money on shutterstock of much younger (attractive) victims to really pull the heart strings of the people donating.

I have dug deep on The Exodus Road and it makes me sick just how commercialized it is. They give charities a bad name. Just how many bad things are written and said about the CEO and the area manager of Asia, who was convicted of sex charges while he worked for them, and is now back working for them (they removed his second name for security purposes)

The Exodus Road only has one rented property (300 usd a month) in Thailand. But they literally pay corrupt police 600 usd to plant underage girls 15–17 (found working in the trade already by choice but under the legal age) . and in so doing, give themselves a reason for a so called “rescue”. Usually the “rescued girl” is back out working by her own accord within 2–4 weeks and the exodus road is working on the next conviction to pretend that they are saving women.

The volunteers are literally walking around open beer bars looking for girls, using donation money to have sex and then occasionally finding a girl that they paid to be planted.

Then the worst bit is they threaten the young girl that she must say she was forced to have sex by someone, ( perhaps the cashier, business owner or service staff), yet NONE of them had anything to do with the girl’s decision to work.

Girls in Thailand work at licensed and registered bars, they live where they want and are free to go where they want. The police, staff and management check the bars very regularly to make sure they are all 18 plus, but for some reason, The Exodus Road informants are very good at finding girls that have lied and used someone else’s ID card. This means they are spending a lot of time buying the girls drinks, taking them out for many hours and having sex with them to gain their trust, (or more likely paying someone to plant the girls) none of these girls are victims, they are breadwinners trying to get a better life for their families. They do not have as many opportunities as they would if born in USA but they can buy houses with the money they make and it’s their choice. The exodus road doesn’t want to go after people behind close doors doing bad things because it costs money and its no where near as much fun.

The Exodus Road sends highly paid staff to churches in Colorado Springs to do emotive talks to get more money and pretend they are saving children of the world, they get unqualified and untrained volunteers to pay 4500 usd to join their regular red light bar tours so they can visit bars under a good cause.

The Exodus Road operate in poor corrupt countries (Brazil, India and Thailand) so they don’t have to do any real investigation and they can pay corrupt officials for convictions. Also they know many women are working to support an entire family, so when the women go to a government home for a month, the family has no money to pay the bills?

Why doesn’t The Exodus Road help the families they have messed up? Why doesn’t The Exodus Road do aftercare?

Here is a “rescued” 16 year girl on her realise from a Government home May 10th 2023. (a month later from her rescue) She is currently back working as a prostitute (like she chose to) using someone else’s ID card again.

We have contacted several of their top donators including MDRT and Ted Rusinoff who is a financial expert acting as their secretary to get them even more donations to give everyone large amounts of salaries while no aftercare is given or very few real rescues, but they have ignored all of the information we have sent them, they only care about pretending they are doing good.

no one seems to care what the charity is actually doing. The money could be going to real charities that help real victims. (and I am sure that TER do help the odd child get rescued, but the child is back working again later as they just want to pretend to look good)

But there is a huge difference between recusing a girl that looks old enough but has used a sister’s ID card to work by her own accord and a clearly underage child. That’s what they should focus on but they can’t walk around bars having sex with prostitutes using donation money to find that and have fun. They have to do real detective work

We have reached out to many of the donors funding The Exodus Road and we are sure Matt tells them that it’s the nature of the charity hes involved in. Let me say something, I don’t care enough to go on a crusade because some Christian Americans are ripping off (misleading and lying to) Christian Americans, I have my own issues to sort. BUT putting innocent people in jail, lying (making up stories) and pretending you are helping, when you are causing problems… that’s why many of us are motivated here

Check out the image below Operation Manipulative” (that wording alone is manipulative just like the made-up story they did) This lady was 1 in 40,000 women working in Pattaya, Thailand, she came to that bar looking for sex work because her family worked there, she used someone elses ID card and a few days later The Exodus Road suddenly appear. Everyone in Thailand knows that these girls want to work, they buy houses for family and are the breadwinners, now she was forced/paid to say that they forced her to have sex and the story on their blog post is completely made up by a lady called Mary Nikkel who has no idea about Thailand or is just told to lie and make up stories.

Are you a victim of The Exodus Road? did you work with them? Please click here to contact other victims and help report them.

I would find the ridiculous story funny if innocent people weren’t in jail and some had to leave their families behind and go to another country. But what makes me real sick, is people acting good and lying to donators, I hope to God, we have some good people who see through what they are doing but it looks like none of the people around them care, they just want to look good and not really help the children that really need it

This story is lies from start to finish

Please read more about The Exodus Road Here

Pay Us Money To Look Good to Increase Your Sales

While I was searching all these charities The Sound of Freedom Movie came out, so Operation Railroad was able to pump more money into their ridiculous charity, but they operate similarly to Exodus Road in poor countries, they demand very underage young girls from prostitutes or their managers. Then offer large amounts of money, now these ladies have to go off and talk a younger lady later into doing sex work, possibly getting her a few test runs and teaching them. Many of these underage ladies that they ask and offer money to have sex probably didn’t even know that this type of work existed.

As expected with Tim Ballard another narcissistic “activist” looking for lots of money and attention like Matt Parker

Are their similar charities just as bad?

And since we have been campaigning, other innocent victims have contacted me and Night Light is doing the same, but just in Thailand. It’s the perfect scam where you can get donators, pay corrupt police and shoot fish in a barrel and no need for aftercare.

Meanwhile, other experts in the human trafficking space admit that due to smart phones, technology, CCTV and everything else, real human trafficking women for sex was long long gone. So they focus on the real trafficking that exists today with slave labour, but that is boring, doesn’t attract the donations and the CEOs cant act like heroes. These charities make others look bad, just ask the good ones yourself. Make your own mind up.

Does anyone in USA care about women prostituting in other countries by their own accord? Or is it just pretending to care for social status? Are there any genuine people that really care or do they just want to signal for status? Who isn’t a human trafficking advocate??? no one agrees with that so why try to manipulate your donors by pretending they are special when what they are doing is wasting money that could have saved real issues, so cruel.

Please read more about The Exodus Road Here

Furor Erupts Over Anti-sex trafficker at The Exodus Road

Allegations of sexual misconduct at the exodus road (the guy is working there again — you need like-minded people to keep undercover sex operations secret)

You can contact our friends at The Truth about Exodus road if you want to help us expose these charities.