What secrets does The Freedom Home hold? (Sona Long is the gatekeeper to all the secrets)

The Christian community in Colorado Springs and Thailand continues to hold a wall of silence.  (this is how all atrocities in the world happened)  The Exodus Road continues to commit bad deeds, put innocent people in jail and lie about the use of donation money. Let’s address the elephant in the room today: There are whispers from the Christian community in Colorado Springs and Thailand about the 160,000 USD a year Freedom Home by The Exodus Road in Thailand.

We have reached out to Laura Parker for questioning as she is the CEO since her husband was forced to step down after the sex scandal covered in the The Exodus Road open letter. 
However she declines to comment on any question that will cause them legal issues if they answer honestly.

Some think The Freedom Home is where they groom children; some say it’s a house of horrors, one insider said Edwin Desamour The Exodus road director raped 15-year-old Dara in that house, but we are giving you the real reason today.

The funding for that house is a scam, so no one is allowed to visit. They will lose their tax-exempt status if someone finds it and uncovers their scam. They use it to teach discipleship using donation money; as a non-religious charity that is meant to be rescuing people, this is a serious misuse of funds that needs to be addressed.  Officially, they call it mentorship, but it’s Christian teachings; what about using the money on real rescues?

Read more about the true costs of The Freedom Home here

160,000 USD a year sent to Freedom Home is a scam, and that’s why The Exodus Road does not want anyone to go there and gather evidence.  This is along with the 341,000 USD a year they send to Thailand for bribes, entertainment and lavish lifestyle. (read the article below)

The Exodus Road rakes in 3.5m USD a year by misleading donors and lying about what cause the money goes towards us.

Sona Long is reaching breaking point over questions about The Exodus Road. She has been told to keep silent about everything that goes on in that house and is not allowed to tell anyone in the same industry or authority where they are located.

The Exodus work alone and silently for a reason, they won’t work with genuine organisations. They do things illegally,  lying about rescues, bribing police and using donation money to have sex with prostitutes, and their team calls it blending in.  In many operations, The Exodus Road all-male team have girls half their ages sitting on their laps in Thailand bars. Matt Parker regularly has sex in Thailand, and Laura Parker, his wife, turns a blind eye. This came from people close to Matt Parker, but they left him because he’s arrogant and is a lier.

Read how their ex-murdering and drug dealer Edwin used an underage girl to set up a bar owner.

Edwin Desamour TER director set up a bar owner using an underage girl he raped.

A 15-year-old called Dara was raped by Matt Parker’s right-hand man.

Sola Long is the gatekeeper for that 300 USD a month house rental, she isn’t allowed to mingle or give any details away and encouraged to not speak out at church. Matt Parker doesn’t want anyone to know that the house is empty with no staff or rescues.  They only use it to push religion onto over 18-year-old women.  (which, as a non-religious organisation, is a misuse of funding)

Why won’t Christians in Thailand speak out?

Matt Parker throws lots of money around in Thailand. Some missionaries hope for some money from TER; others know that he pays the police to set people up and can cause them issues if they speak out.

Matt Parker pays corrupt police.

To be clear, most Christians in Thailand (in the fake raid and rescue industry) are pretending to fix issues that don’t exist, like Daniel Vaupau from Tamar in Pattaya, who tries to convince breadwinning girls to leave well-paid jobs in bars and promises them good jobs but then gets no job or a low paid job making 10 USD a day. Daniel from Tamar destroys the lives of the family that relied on them to pay bills; luckily, it’s very rare that his team manipulates them into leaving; he isn’t looking to help people; he’s just looking for more funding to live his dream in Pattaya.  (Daniel’s team misleads vulnerable women working in bars by offering them free English lessons, then he pushes religion on them and shames them into leaving their bar jobs) There are lots of organisations pretending to rescue in Thailand and South East Asia. But we have no big issues with these people because they are only misleading donors (who don’t do their own research). They are not putting innocent people in jail, bribing police and paying children to do sex work just for an arrest.

Read more about the facade of the fake raid and rescue operations below.

“Behind Enemy Lines” is a total scam

The wall of silence will continue until good people with morals stand up and start asking questions. The Exodus Road will continue to make as much as they can before they are shut down and arrested after the ongoing investigation is finished.

The scam is coming to an end. And every one that was silent and let it continue should be ashamed. Many hard-working Christians are having hard-earned money wasted on this Hollywood non-profit for profit – The Exodus Road.  Everyone in the know but says nothing is responsible for them putting underage girls at risk, helping them pocket millions and contributing to them putting all the innocent people in jail.

Please read more here https://linktr.ee/theexodusroadtruth also we are still looking for more whistle blowers, we will keep everything anonymous.

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