Set up a charity, convince people that want to look good to come on board and use their names

Get a getty image account ready for the pictures of good looking much younger victims, you can use any excuses, don’t get ugly ones, less donations

Make an emotive website using those pictures

Prey on good Christians and females that have no clue how you operate

No need to get rescue homes when you let the local police put the victims in a home 2–4 weeks ( then they go seek sex work again) you can say due to the nature of your work, that your aftercare is secret. Plenty of real human trafficking charities around with open addresses, no one is going to try and steal a child from a charity.

Matt Parker and Laura Parker share the same job role of CEO and they pay themselves 278,000 usd per year for a lavish lifestyle. He also overpays 2 of his offspring lavish salaries to work for The Exodus Road, but here he is charging other charities 250 USD to teach them out to raise more capital. Also, he is getting a salary to run The Exodus Road but is offering to work elsewhere full time. This is proof thats its all about the money and not focusing on real rescuing.

Matt Parker Deleted His Services above after we posted about it and then deleted his LinkedIn due to setting up too many people.

The Financials for The Exodus Road don’t make sense but experts say this is how they pay themselves through various backhanders that are undetectable. Paying huge salaries to themselves and their children is a legal way of doing it. Paying themselves and friends for training and education is another one.


(The Exodus Road uses money to pay for other Christians to fly over for Christian missions, but I don’t think that is added in the books as that is not what the money is meant to be for. They are supposed to be a Non-Christian charity.)

Use company’s logos for credibility, use their names to try and get more trust and authority

Give salaries to directors of other charities as a backhander for donations that they bring.

In June 2023 Ted Rusinoff who served as the 2018 President of the MDRT Foundation and is an Excalibur Knight of the MDRT Foundation joined The Exodus Road to get a fat salary, months later MDRT are dumping large donations into The Exodus Road. (legal backhander)


Soon after Ted gets a a salary from The Exodus Road, there are already one of many grants coming from MDRT where he still has huge influence.


Get a few bands on board that want to look good

Ask people to fundraise (so they can look good)

Make appearances/interviews to build trust and pay it ask people for interviews

Convince businesses that they will make more money by paying you (quoting Harvard Studies)

Convince businesses why they should stop paying other charities and pay you instead

Make sure all your own photos are perfect, no expense is spared on looking good from the outside

Publish books with emotive fiction stories and hopefully get a documentary for free from someone trying to look good or actually believing this cash machine really wants to help the world. If anyone asks you for facts, you say that you can’t use real names or places. No one can question you.

Make sure everyone around gets a good salary, easy life, benefits and backhanders and everyone will keep quiet.

Because you are a charity supposedly supporting kids. No one will dare question you.

Go to poor countries where prostitution is accepted and then you can get your human trafficking convictions. People in USA have little idea about these places.

Bribe police and prosecutors

Keep brainwashing your supporters.

Don’t do aftercare, it’s too expensive, focus on spending money on marketing and advertising your business under the guise of charity

Overpay salaries to board directors on other charities that fund charities

Who are the ones benefitting the most from this charity with lavish lifestyles?

None of these directors have been willing to look into any accusations or had any further questions. Everyone is paid enough to be quiet.


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