The Exodus Road Spends 3.5 million USD in 2022 (88% of donations) on executives, entertainment, fun, travel and fat cat salaries

The Exodus Road is facing money laundering investigations, allegations of fake rescues, and misspending of donations, so we decided to take a closer look at their financials for you.

If you want to look at how 88% of the money donated to The Exodus Road goes on expenses, entertainment, fun, travel and not real rescues.  You have to look at the fat cat salaries and compensation alone which was almost half of the revenue in 2022. (see screenshots below) Matt Parker (real name Jonathan Matthew Parker) is paid 149,580 USD a year plus 5-star hotel and first-class flights for a part-time job. Plus, he gets 341,000 USD sent to his second home in Thailand as investigation fees (but they only drink alcohol and have sex in bars, not investigate) and 160,000 USD a year to Freedom home, which costs around  15,000 USD a year.

Laura Parker 135,805 USD a year for the same job as Jonathan Matt Parker.

(All Part-Time)

Andrew Hoskins 118,550 USD a year

Stephanie Steinbart 66,803 USD a year

Scott Sterling 101,792 USD a year

Will Leitch 108,303 USD a year

Executive Compensation 247,993 USD a year

Other salaries and wages 695,618 USD a year  (Matt and Laura employ 2 of their children, we think their salaries are very very large but hidden)

Grants to others.  812,883 USD a year – (backhanders and money laundering) I thought the money was for rescuing children

Promotions, donor relations (backhanders and money laundering)  432,839 USD a year

Global Travel – 423,905 USD a year

Employee Benefits – 88,948 USD a year

Entertainment and more travel – 77,376 USD a year

Events and Conferences 38,938 USD a year

In Total, in 2022, 3,500,333 USD was spent on exec salaries, first-class conferences, entertainment, and backhanders.  This is 88% of the total revenue of 3,974,436 USD (income in 2022), Leaving almost nothing for any real investigations or any aftercare at all.

These are all very large salaries given to greedy individuals, sadly there isn’t any left for aftercare or real investigations. Most of the money is spent on nice hotels, resorts and travel.

If you are sending money to this charity, not only are you wasting your money, but the money could have gone on real rescues, not fake ones or setting honest people up.

Update:  Jonathan Matt Parker sent 127,730 USD in 2022 of The Exodus Road’s money to an anonymous Thailand-based organisation that he is CEO of.  

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And unscrupulous directors

Bill Woolf Director of The Exodus Road Fired for stealing from taxpayers

Ex-gang member Edwin Desamour Killed a police man’s son, and after he came out of jail, he’s Matt Parker’s illegal enforcer who pays corrupt police for him.

Check all the information yourself,461384815/