Why don’t bar owners in Thailand and Christians work together?

If you are Christian, please hear me out; we are not anti-Christian; we are only against a few of the bad actors in the anti-human trafficking scene that Christians continue to donate to and allow them to continue shaming other Christians and burn bridges for their own gain; we need good Christians to help us get rid of these liers and actors.  The majority of Christians that are not greedy businessmen are very good people.

Bar owners and Christians in Thailand do not work together because there are Christian charities like The Exodus Road,  that are looking to set people up, so in the unlikely event a girl is 17 and used someone else’s ID card, they will NOT tell the bar owner, they will let her to continue to work for months, just so they can get the police involved and call it a rescue, then the girl will work somewhere else a few weeks later and the owner loses their business and goes to jail.  The anti-prostitution Christians are then happy because they get more donations. But other staff lose jobs, and it has devastating effects on their family. How many lives are destroyed just because of a few greedy charity owners enriching themselves and having very comfortable lifestyles?

Christian charities will only give something like gifts if they can spread the word of Jesus and try to brainwash the ladies who are very happy to be Buddhist in their upbringing; Buddhists are very peaceful and do not try to shut down prostitution like the Christians do, and they do not judge each other or think they are better like Matt Parker does. The gifts some groups like Tamar offer are totally useless and are just for photos.

Christians in Thailand’s bar girl scene need to pretend to rescue girls so they can get more donations, so some, like the Tamar group, give out gifts or teach English to try and push Jesus onto the girls and manipulate them.  There is nothing worse than a gift that comes with conditions.

Matt Parker in Pattaya looking for sex with bar girls with another person that also was caught on CCTV going into a short time room with a bar girl
Matt Parker has made millions lying about working girls to his donors, he is a genius amongst con artists and it’s the perfect crime because Christians will never stand up against his evilness and that’s where all his donations come from

Matt Parker spends 3.5m USD a year on himself, lavish lifestyle, entertainment and travel

Bar owners and Christians will never see eye to eye, but the working girls are very happy to work; they are free to come and go, so there is nothing for Christians to fix.  they don’t and can’t offer the girls a better job, so they try to convince them to take a massive pay cut so that they can say they rescued another girl and get more money.  Many of these charities lie to say the girls are chained up and trafficked just to milk donors.  They should operate in the USA, but they can’t get away with bribing people or lying.  The FBI has been watching Matt and Laura Parker since the last sexual assault scandal, which Matt Parker tried to cover up and is here to read The Exodus Road Open Letter.

Tamar in Pattaya has to try to convince at least 15 girls a month to walk away from very high-paying sex work,  just so they can get enough donations to stay living in Pattaya and live their dream, but these Christian women who pretend to be English teachers offering English lessons just have other motives, which is manipulating the girls into being Christians.  These obese Christian women need to save themselves first because many are morbidly overweight; that might sound spiteful, but it’s the truth; they need to save themselves first; the girls they are pretending to save (but manipulate) are doing very well.

When will these brainwashed Christians leave other people alone?  just because they want an income to stay living the dream in Thailand?  Why can’t they get a regular job by themselves instead of trying to prey on vulnerable women to try and convert them?  Christians get good conversion results in the prisons with desperate people, but it doesn’t drive the donations like it does pretending a girl is rescued from sex slavery.

It’s all about the money with these anti-human trafficking non-profits for profits that lie about the bars, they do it to maximise profits, but they will always have to lie, be dishonest or set people up to protect their lies, which creates risk of being caught bribing people and paying police in poor countries.

God loves everyone, apparently, and no one is better than anyone else, yet Daniel from Tamar calls all bar owners evil and looks down upon them.

There is no real trafficking in Thailand, so bar owners cannot get advice on that from Christians; there is rarely underage unless The Exodus Road is bribing police and cashiers again.

There is nothing bar owners need from Christians…  The Christians need access to the girls to brainwash them, but first, they have to pretend to rescue them for donations because that comes before manipulating them about Jesus.

Edwin Desamour convicted killer hired by The Exodus Road to set people up

I have nothing against most religions, but I stand against people trying to make money on the back of girls trying to make a living and better there lives with some sex work, in Asia many women are ok doing this job.

When will good Christians stand up?  I have asked this many times, but Christians will not stand against each other; this is why many bad things have happened; all the sexual assaults Matt Parker’s team have done and will continue to do, will be ignored by the Christians,  many have spoken against his methods and and philosophy, but no one will stand up, name him and help his donors realise they are pumping money into an evil man.

I am not Christian, but I used to think they were good people. but when you have people like Matt Parker from The Exodus Road setting people up and Daniel from Tamar who feeds him information and HATES bar owners, how will any other good-hearted Christians get access to the girls and help them?  It’s time for a good Christian to pull the plug on donors for the people who are just trying to make as much cash as possible and lying about rescues,  don’t get me wrong Tamar do not set people up, but their impact in teaching about Jesus is very minimal, and they certainly do not get girls to leave the bars, they only catch the ones that leave daily.

In Thailand, some girls work in bars for days, weeks, years, seasons or end of the month; it’s easy for Tamar and these other groups to pretend they got a girl to leave,  they have a huge turnover of Christian missionaries in these charities because they soon realise they are wasting their time and no one needs rescuing, but because Christian, they see money being spent badly or going missing, but they keep quiet and don’t speak out, which is part of the brainwashing.

Behind Enemy Lines is the biggest lie told by these charities


Most Christians running charities related to bar and bar girls in Thailand are just living the dream and having a good time; many have sex with the girls using donation money; they have to keep up with the front that they rescue girls, but it all lies, and the money is wasted.  There are many good NGOs coming to Thailand with good intentions, but the raid and rescue ones all end up having sex with the girls after they realise they are not sex slaves like the donors are told.  There is nothing these NGOs can do to help bar owners because everything is fine, the girls are fine, and all that these charities have to offer is to teach about Jesus, which doesn’t pay the bills or their families’ debts.

Are you a good Christian who has morals and ethics and doesn’t agree with the way Matt Parker operates in Thailand? 

Maybe you have the power to help his donors wake up, and they can silently vote if no one dares to go against this evil and dangerous man.  Also, Daniel from Tamar has burnt many bridges in Pattaya with his hatred for bar owners and aggressive style, sending his harem of women into bars constantly to try to manipulate the girls.  If you truly want to convert people, this aggressive style is not the best way.

Please do not let these non-profits for profits lie about many underage available for sex in Thailand, and the girls are not chained up or locked up like Matt Parker lies, and even some of the charities have told writers most of the girls have been sexually abused by an uncle, so it’s not lying to write a false history on these girls for donation money.

Do we need to start an anti-human trafficking watchdog? do we need to start a charity so these lying missionaries can stay in Thailand without deceiving good-hearted Christians?  We are already trying to save good Christians millions in donation money by raising awareness about Matt Parker, but we hit a wall of silence with the companies and churches that donate because we have found many are getting backhanders, like Ted Rusinoff.

Read a blog written by a Christian about the anti-human trafficking fake charities. https://antihumantraffickingbadactors.com/

Some bad Christians are exploiting Thailand

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