The Exodus Road Board Of Director Convicted Drug Dealer and Killer Edwin Desamour Helps Set up Business Owners By Procuring Underage Girls and Planting them with other girls ID’s.

Matt Parker needed someone with loose morals to help him illegally set up more business owners in Thailand with underage girls, so he reached out to Edwin Desamour, a convicted killer and drug dealer who is on the board of directors at The Exodus Road.  He was more than happy to fly first class to Thailand and spend his time having sex with prostitutes in Thailand bars and using Christian donation money to have a good time with other members of The Exodus Road under the guise of investigation work. We tried to check Edwin’s salary, which is suspected to be over 130,000 USD a year.  However, they did not disclose it to the tax office, and his name is not listed on Charity Navigator.

Here is the press release with Edwin Desamour starting as a board of director at The Exodus Road.

Edwin has been playing with fire in Thailand, paying several underage girls to turn up at unsuspecting businesses in Thailand in November 2022 with an adult ID to trick the business owners and meeting them privately in hotels whilst he pretends to do undercover work using part of 341,000 USD a year of donation money from well-meaning companies. (earmarked for travel/entertainment/investigation in Thailand).  

Edwin has been seen hanging around in open-air beer bars in Pattaya, Thailand, buying drinks for ladies and taking prostitutes for sex under the guise of undercover work. Edwin Desamour has set up at least three business owners so far by paying corrupt officials/staff to bring in the underage girls he solicited. He is currently under investigation for having sex with a 15-year-old girl that he paid to meet and met repeatedly over a few months. It’s not the first or last time that staff from The Exodus Road have used charity money to fund their sexual desires.  (Open air beer bars never employ underage, so they plant them, instead of rescuing real victims) 

Edwin Desamour’s alleged sex with an underage girl only 15 years old in November – April is an ongoing investigation.  Preston Goff, one of their PR guys, was also seen taking girls for sex by one of the girls that Edwin was having regular sex with using donators money. We contacted Preston Goff for comment via Facebook, and he blocked us.


Edwin Desamour Convicted Killer Set Up Innocent Bar Owners – This was pictured around the same time they were setting up two raids by paying corrupt staff and police. Mary Nikkel is also in that photo, she is the one making up stories for The Exodus Road’s fake rescues.

Edwin Desamour beat a police officer’s son to death with a baseball bat, and the media reports said it was a racially motivated attack against a white guy with his gang members all being Hispanic/African-American.

Edwin Desamour was working as a dean at John B. Stetson Charter School whilst hanging around with underage girls in Thailand in November 2022 and allegedly having sex with a 15-year-old girl. (that The Exodus Road) used as a plant and called the police.)

It is not uncommon for The Exodus Road to employ unscrupulous people. Their director of Thailand operations, Hayes, was fired for filming and receiving oral sex from staff they drugged at a retreat.  They fired him in 2018 and rehired him as the head of operations in 2019. Read below.

The following information provided, spanning from 2014 to 2020, while not exhaustive, points to two significant patterns requiring accountability: sexual misconduct and financial misconduct.

The most egregious event took place in August 2017 on a TER staff retreat in Thailand where two senior staff, Joe Hayes and Alex Saxby, drugged and then sexually assaulted an unconscious TER employee. A third TER employee, Todd Andrews, actively recorded the event on his cell phone. Months later, Andrews informed Matt Parker of the evidence. Parker convinced Andrews not to show the footage to the victim due to the negative consequences it would bring upon the organization. Andrews agreed to conceal the evidence from the victim, but changed his mind the day before the victim was to leave the country. Andrews then showed the evidence to the victim, who, as a result of having been drugged, was not aware the assault had taken place until viewing the footage. One month later, the victim traveled back to Thailand in order to file a report with the Thai police. This staff retreat where the assault took place was funded by donor dollars.

At the same staff retreat, Andrews recorded the aforementioned senior staff receiving oral sex from Thai women. This, too, was paid for by donor dollars.

To be clear, TER is an anti-trafficking organization whose website tagline reads, “Sons and daughters will be trafficked tonight: bought, sold, abused and enslaved” yet they have actively participated in the purchase and abuse of Thai women, thereby victimizing the very people they claim to protect.

Hayes was allegedly fired in January 2018 as a result of the evidence. However, prior to January 2020, he had been rehired and promoted to Director of Global Operations for TER. This position is funded by donor dollars.

Saxby was also allegedly fired in January 2018 as a result of the evidence. His current whereabouts are unknown. His position was funded by donor dollars.

Andrews was promoted to Director of Delta Ops. This position is funded by donor dollars.

In addition to the events outlined above, a culture of sexually violent, explicit language and sexually inappropriate behavior had already been established by leadership in the workplace and on investigative deployments. In fact, in November 2017, Hayes was reported to TER executive leadership and to the board of directors for sexual misconduct in the workplace. A subsequent “internal investigation” was conducted, but corroborating witnesses were never questioned and no known disciplinary action against Hayes was taken. Soon after, the staff member who filed the report against Hayes was terminated.

Alongside serious reports of sexual misconduct, there are equally serious reports of maligning Thai staff to cover up financial misconduct.”

Read more from the FBI/ex-staff lead investigation

Edwin Desamour, was a student dean at John B. Stetson Charter School, stands for a portrait in front of the school located in the neighborhood of West Kensington in Philadelphia on Monday, September 21, 2020.


Edwin Desamour Bio

“Born and raised in north Philadelphia, Edwin Desamour lived a life similar to many youth who are currently living in the city. His experiences have ultimately led him down a path that has caused him to see both significant difficulty and blinding hope. It is these
experiences, both the positive and negative, that have inspired him to pursue a career that has brought him back to his community to empower and serve the youth who are growing up where he did.

Edwin was only 16 years old when he was convicted of 3rd-degree murder and ultimately served over eight years in prison. Upon returning home, he was tempted to return to his old life and patterns until he was presented with an opportunity, at a critical moment, to provide crisis intervention and conflict resolution through the Philadelphia Anti-Drug AntiViolence Network (PAAN).

Source for more bio information.

Here is Edwins Instagram Account

Edwin’s Strange Cult-like Beard Club seems to be a t-shirt shop.

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