The Exodus Road Director Bill Woolf stole from taxpayers and resigned from the police force.


Our investigation team had hoped that one of The Exodus Road’s directors would be an honest, decent, upstanding citizen. Still, we have had no responses when we have contacted any of them asking them to comment on Matt Parker’s and Laura Parker’s unscrupulous business tactics, I mean charity efforts.

We already exposed another director Edwin Desamour, who is a Hispanic tattooed ex-gang member and convicted of killing a policeman’s son; he was recently in Thailand having sex with an underage 15-year-old girl that they planted to set up business owners in open-air bars that have no under 18-year-olds working in them, until Edwin Desamour ex-killer procured an underage girl, had sex with her and paid her to use someones else’s ID to get a job in an unsuspecting bar.  The Exodus Road called this a rescue, but they got this underage girl having sex with unsuspecting customers, and she was back working in other bars again using someone else’s ID after a month in a government home. (The Exodus Road just calls the police and calls it a rescue)

The Exodus Road Director Bill Woolf is stealing from taxpayers.

Washington Post Bill Woolf Theft

It seems that Matt Parker employs people whom he knows will take the money and turn a blind eye to all his wrongdoing,  even Preston Goff and Rickson Dsouza aka Ash Rickson (changed his FB name after we exposed him) were caught having sex with prostitutes last year in Pattaya whilst pretending to do undercover work in open aired bars while using Christian donation money. There are no under-18 girls in these highly regulated bars that are checked regularly by police, city hall officials, and owners and under public scrutiny.

Bill Woolf resigned before he was pushed, he also made false allegations about his superiors to try and save his own skin,  which is the perfect attribute that Matt Parker is looking for when he’s employing people in his multi-million dollar racket, he needs people that are prepared to lie, put money before honesty and finally will shut their mouths and take the money.  That’s why his staff are allowed to use donation money to have sex with prostitutes, it keeps them quiet and he’s got one on them.

Bill Woolf Stole Money from taxpayers by falsely declaring he worked hours that he hadn’t. After he was caught, he tried to throw his superiors under the bus.

Everyone behind this racket will be exposed very soon, we are highly motivated to save the wasted donation money from the good-hearted Christians that they are taking advantage of, many good, honest charities could make use of the 5m USD a year that The Exodus Road rakes in, off which 90-95% goes to expenses, which is mostly a lavish lifestyle, high salaries, long holidays and 5-star hotels.

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Ex-killer ex-gang member Edwin Desamour is one of Matt Parker’s directors and enforcers, doing illegal and immoral things to benefit Matt Parker’s financial targets