30 Problems that Laura and Matt Parker at The Exodus Road need to address

Here are 30 common criticisms and issues that The Exodus Road need to sort out before legal action shuts them down and puts them in jail.

Matt and Laura Parker are in the middle of FBI investigations. Misleading donors and spending donation money on themselves.
  1. Lack of transparency in financial reporting.
  2. High administrative costs relative to program spending.
  3. Mismanagement of funds leading to inefficiencies or wastage.
  4. Overlapping or duplicative services with other organizations.
  5. Excessive executive compensation or perks.
  6. Connection to fraudulent or unethical practices by individuals within the organization.
  7. Misleading or exaggerated marketing tactics to solicit donations.
  8. Failure to deliver promised outcomes or impact.
  9. Ineffective governance structures allowing for abuse of power.
  10. Misuse of tax-exempt status for personal gain.
  11. Lack of accountability for how donations are used.
  12. Questionable lobbying or political activities.
  13. Conflicts of interest among board members or staff.
  14. Embezzlement or financial fraud within the organization.
  15. Failure to adapt to changing community needs or evolving social issues.
  16. Poor communication with donors or stakeholders.
  17. Dependency on government grants or subsidies without diversifying funding sources.
  18. Lack of measurable impact or outcomes assessment.
  19. Inadequate program evaluation and assessment practices.
  20. Perception of inefficiency compared to for-profit counterparts.
  21. Fundraising expenses exceeding the amount of money raised.
  22. Inconsistencies or discrepancies in financial reporting.
  23. Lack of tangible results or impact from programs or projects.
  24. Failure to adapt to changing regulatory requirements or compliance standards.
  25. Entanglement in legal disputes or scandals.
  26. Lack of diversity and inclusion in organizational leadership and programming.
  27. Inadequate risk management practices leading to financial instability.
  28. Perception of elitism or exclusivity within the organization.
  29. Insufficient community engagement or involvement in decision-making processes.
  30. Use of emotionally manipulative tactics to solicit donations without providing substantive information about the organization’s activities or impact.

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