Are Colorado Christian Churches Being Exploited by Christians Exploiting Thailand

The Exodus Road claims to be non-religious but is funded by mostly Christian churches, and the CEO Matt Parker and his wife Laura Parker, who are Christians themselves, have been collecting 5m USD a year in donations and paying themselves 280,000 USD a year (despite living in Thailand)  have been creating human trafficking problems themselves, asking unsuspecting people to produce young girls to put into danger situations (which actually brings girls into prostitution that never would have come into it)

Critics have said that they are using human trafficking as an excuse to shut down prostitution. While they make 9.9m baht a year in salaries, they are shutting down breadwinners in families by going after people who are working just to make a living for themselves.  Thailand is an independent Buddhist country and does not appreciate Americans/Christians telling them what they can or can’t do.

Here is how The Exodus Road operates

1. They dishonestly use  Christian donation money to go around bars in Thailand to visit brothels/girls regularly; they take the girls in the rooms, and pay them for sex in the guise that they are undercover (link to the open letter)

2.  They charge married men, priests, and other religious people 4500 USD for a tour of the nightlife for a week, so they can escape married life, have some fun, and pretend they are looking for underage girls.  (evidence here)

3. After many hours of talking to girls,  they eventually find one who has lied or tricked themselves into a job.  (around the time of the raids,  mamasans were being offered 20,000 baht to employ underaged girls by police)

4. Instead of saving the girl or alerting the boss, they call the Thai police and demand that arrests/prosecutions happen. (Allegedly, they pay the police 5000 USD per set up)   They use all the names behind them to make Thais think that important Americans/media are watching them, so Thai people end up attacking their own people for this charity’s profits.

5. The girl (who wanted to work freely to support her family) goes into a government home for a month,  (while her family has no money for food/living), and then she goes back out to work using a friend’s ID again. No one gets saved! It’s a way for the founders to make lots of money while Christian friends of theirs come to fornicate either while out of wedlock or cheating on their chosen life partners and fellow Christian wives.

6.  The Exodus Road counts this as another rescue, and the clueless kind-hearted Christians praise their good efforts and donate more money for the “investigation sex fund” not knowing that their money is being used on a lavish style and no rescues like they were promised.

Total costs:   Sex, Drinks for ladies, drinks for the informants…  No after care, no saving, just have fun in the bars using Colorado churches money.

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