Behind Enemy Lines, Delta Ops and investigations in regulated legal beer bars – the lies fed to good Christians.

In Thailand, there are over 2800+ hostess bars in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Chiang Mai alone, which are fully legal, licenced, regulated, and regularly checked by several police departments, immigration, government agencies and checked by women and children’s protection police units.  The bars in tourist areas also have Western-run tourist police walking past their bars often. The person on the license has had a criminal and background check, and the cashiers often have a master’s university degree. All these beer bars must legally have full CCTV coverage available for 30 days. And multiple licenses, including fire exit signs and a strict no-drug, no weapons, no children enforced laws.

All the women who work at these beer bars work as hostesses, and they have the option to leave the bar at any point. Most of these women either walk in by themselves or they see adverts for the bars. Everyone in Thailand/Japan/Asia knows about this type of bar and that they sit with Westerner/Japanese/Korean/European customers for drinks brought for them, and they make a commission per drink.

The hostess ladies are paid a normal salary like most businesses in the world with expectations of turning up on time and around 20% of the women will live at the bar itself to save money or live outside. Some women do not want to travel to work, some like to stay above the bar. None of them are locked up or have ever been locked up in at least the last 30 years we have seen with our own eyes. Christian non-profits like The Exodus Road make out they are locked up, slaves or exploited.  In fact, most people on the ground feel that male customers are exploited by these young, beautiful women in their prime and loving life.

Beautiful Thai Hostess lady dragging in her next customer. – Soi Cowboy Bangkok. These ladies typically make 2000-5000 USD a month. They do not want to be rescued from having a good time and making lots of cash.

However,  Christian NGOs and charities like The Exodus Road will go in these open-aired licensed beer bars to meet, fondle and take the hostesses home for sex, but they call it investigation and use army words to make it seem serious and dangerous. There is a very low crime rate in Thailand and harsh penalties when breaking the law, Thailand is one of the safest places to visit and there is CCTV everywhere. None of these fake investigators is doing anything dangerous; they are making it up to get people to donate more.

All of these licensed premises have a legal obligation to keep CCTV for 1 month, or they lose their Entertainment licence. If they have a girl under 18 working there, the premises face a 5-year ban of having a bar at that location, the local police boss is fired (because it’s so serious) and the operator is expected to legally pay rent for that 5 years to compensate the landlord and after the business owner, cashier and manager will face 7 years each in prison. The Exodus Road knows this when they set people up, they do not care about putting good people away in jail and children losing their parents for 7-10 years in Thai prisons.

These beer bar’s main customers are divorced males, swinging couples, university students, lawyers, accountants, blue and white collored workers coming over from USA, England, Europe for a good time to drink with friends and look to find a good wife or girlfriend.

None of these legal, regulated beer bars have underage women, so why do all these Christian males check them?

Why don’t The Exodus Road check gay bars or ladyboy bars?

Because the Christian NGOs / The Exodus Road staff want to drink and have sex with young, beautiful ladies using donation money, saying the expenses are investigation costs, they are not interested in boring real undercover work or checking gay bars or ladyboy bars. (where underage doesn’t exist either)

The Exodus Road choose regulated red-light districts to operate in to serve their own sexual desires. It’s cheaper than real investigating, not dangerous, and it’s easy to get men to sign up.  Matt Parker, CEO of The Exodus Road, has been criticised for selling 4500 USD packages to Christian men, so they can have nightlife tours and sex with prostitutes and pretend they are doing undercover work. (genius move business-wise but immoral)

The Exodus Road regularly set up honest, hardworking business owners because they can’t find any underage sex workers. They need to fool the donors to rake in 4 m+ USD every year, or they have to accept fewer donations by being honest. And they need to look like they find things, so they can keep “investigating” the girls, mostly in their own hotel rooms.

These fake investigators are misleading good Christians and pretend it’s dangerous when operating in licensed, regulated CCTV-swamped bars to get good Christian people to donate more, but licensed premises are very safe with regular police checks and security around.

The Exodus Road staff use army talk to make it seem their “work” is dangerous and that visiting bars for sex is a real job. -they call themselves childish terms like delta, alpha team, which should be used for law enforcement or army.

Feedback from ex The Exodus Road Staff.

One ex-staff member of The Exodus Road said donors are being lied to because the donors want rescues.  To maximise income The Exodus Road makes donors angry and get their emotions going by lying to them about emotional rescues of sexually abused children that never happened. Jonathan Matt Parker knows this, he told the staff, if you can get a good Christian woman feeling emotional, they will part with lots of money, if we are just doing things like feeding children, buying nappies, no one pays out much, we need to maximise donations by telling stories about what they want to hear. Matt says they love to hear about dangerous rescues of sexually exploited girls.

The donors are highly motivated to pay towards rescues of sexually abused children: that’s why 90% of the anti-human trafficking charities pretend they rescue sexually abused children, and at least 3 bad acting charities are confirmed to set up business owners to get real cases on paper. The 3 main bad actors in this space are A21, Operation Railroad and The Exodus Road.  Matt Parker told staff we must manufacture rescues to keep visiting the bars and getting the maximum donations to keep salaries,  generous expenses and our luxurious lifestyles up. At least the charities lying about rescues by simply feeding orphans aren’t putting innocent people in jail, and young girls at risk like The Exodus Road is.  The Exodus Road is just a business giving donors what they want to hear for maximum profits.

One of our insiders said he was lied to by Christian NGOs and was told that children are locked above the bars in Thailand. They can’t say inside the bar because you can’t fool people living in Thailand as they can see with their own eyes. And the new Christian arrivals believe it. (for a while until they never see it)

Most NGOs come to Thailand to help; some come for the cheap sex on offer, but the good ones quickly realise that the ladies don’t want to be rescued and there are no underage girls available in the bars. That’s why there is a huge turnover of them. If they want to stay in Thailand long term so they can keep using donation money for sex, they have to pretend there is an issue or set someone up. In the anti-human trafficking world, the long-term Christian NGOs in Thailand are 95%  visitors to the bars and prostitutes; the honest ones leave when they realise there isn’t a problem or they go work with real charities away from the bars.

One NGO who contacted us said because these charities like The Exodus Road are run by pure greed and to make as much as possible, they will even feed an orphan and call it a rescue,  most NGOs leave Thailand disillusioned because they see all the people here lying and serving there own financial and sexual desires. The only Christian NGOs that can stay in Thailand and stay in the anti-human trafficking community are the ones that can continue to lie about fake rescues, lie about the existence of underage girls and shut their mouths, knowing full well that these problems do not exist in beer bars or they go and help real issues away from bars.

Christians from Pulpit Rock Church run The Exodus Road, but what they do is evil. They are dragging underage ladies into the bar business just to get honest, unsuspecting business operators arrested and then call them human traffickers. Luckily, the FBI are investigating money laundering, backhanders, bribing corrupt officials, false claims and the illegal operations of Matt and Laura Parker and TER.

Charities like The Exodus Road lose face for Thailand, they take advantage of police that need money by pretending they work together and when The Exodus Road say they are training police in all these countries,  they are just giving money towards seminar costs that the police organised themselves.

They are abusing the good nature of Thai people and taking advantage of the language barrier. So, concerned donors find it hard to research if the cause they are supporting is real or not.

Christians may not agree with prostitution. But in Asia, it is very common, even in rich countries like Japan, China and South Korea. These operatives can’t pretend that those girls are poor, exploited and vulnerable.

All these bars are licensed, checked by 6 police forces, have security and CCTV. None of them are dangerous and none have underage, no one wants to risk losing their business or going to jail.

One last lie to clear up before we go.

Good American Christians are told that 25% of the paedophiles abroad are from the USA; this is to infuriate them and get them to pay even more money. Americans are the minority in Asia, which means it’s statistically not possible, but it all lies in manipulating donors.

In Short.

The Exodus Road keep costs low by not doing after care, no real investigations, no training for law enforcement or working with them. They just donate money to pretend they are part of it. They are not welcome.

Christian men coming to Thailand are looking for ways to fund their sex habits. Christian women are just looking for ways to stay in Thailand with a relaxed life.  The unwritten rule in the room at these NGO meetups is everyone is on board with the lie that there are underage problems in these Asian countries and that real rescues happen. No one is allowed to speak up or correct anyone, as everyone is in it together. Those who have some morals return to America and keep quiet in the hope that some real rescues may happen at some point.  Now, we need those people to speak up; it’s time the facade ended.

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