American Gang Involved in Underage Human Trafficking in South East Asia

There is a group of USA citizens operating in Brazil, Thailand, India and Cambodia procuring young girls and boys to have sex in establishments just to call corrupt police (to who they donate around 5000 USD each time) on the unsuspecting owners, and often they pay the impoverished staff money at the business they are screwing over to help set up a business owner for a fake rescue.

The mastermind behind this illegal and immoral multi-million dollar Christian-based charity racket is Matt Parker and Laura Parker, who pay themselves 280,000 USD a year, 341,000 USD in travel expenses/hotels/lavish lifestyle, and another one is 160,000 USD a year towards Freedom home in Thailand, where only 20% of the expense makes sense.  They are operating under the name of a business which is a crime racket but disguised as The Exodus Road Charity and is causing underage children to be at danger and they do not rescue anyone as far as all our investigations have gone so far.

The main perpetrators behind this organised crime group hiding behind a charity front are listed below.  Not one of them has been interested in responding or looking into any of the allegations; insiders say that they all know, but they are getting paid too much.  Our article might be a bit hard-hitting with strong words, but everything we say is true.

Edwin Desamour is a convicted killer and helped The Exodus Road set up at least 4 people (that we can confirm), including having sex with a 15-year-old girl before he paid her around 2000 USD to set up a business owner; this is currently being investigated by Thai police and FBI.  Edwin is still a director at The Exodus Road and had sex with multiple girls on his last trip to Thailand.

Preston Goff and Rickson Dsouza – Both of these guys were seen in blowjob bars in Pattaya, Thailand, using donation money to go undercover; they have both been criticized for touching the girls and having sex with them under the guise of investigation work.  We asked them both for commenting and they both blocked us and denied it to insiders it was them, even though they were in Jomtien around the same time they were spotted a few miles away in the Pattaya open aired bars,  there is no underage in those bars as they are heavily checked by police, owners and public.  We are not sure if either of these guys are setting up bar owners yet, but they are 100% part of the machine and are happy to spend well-intended Christian money on having sex in bars. Preston is married and should know better, meanwhile he preaches at Churches with lies about rescues that they never do, to try and get more donations.

The Worst Bad Actors in the anti-human trafficking world – Matt Parker and Laura Parker, it makes me sick seeing these two fake people smiling and living a fake life with all the millions of USD they are taking for a lavish lifestyle, while countless innocent people are in jail and there are many children that they never rescued but claimed they did, that are still working in the sex industry after their team procured them into work to set someone up.


Mary Nikkel, an ex-drug addict, not only supports the team on the ground, as seen in the photo below, but she also writes articles that are complete lies; she was even forced to delete one as the lies were so bad.  She still left many stories of fairytale lies up, which we hope the FBI will investigate, we have contacted her with no response but we are sure she has been told to lie to appeal to people’s emotions and as the real reason for the arrests is a setup and there are no real rescues, so she has to make her fiction up, but they are put on the site as real case studies.

If you have had your life destroyed by The Exodus road or you have witnessed first-hand how they operate. Please contact us, we are building a case against them. Let’s end the harm they are causing to children and destroying lives, setting people up.

Please help us by sending information to Senator Hawley Missouri and Rep. Ann Wagner Missouri. We have a page here with more ideas to report them.

Read more about  convicted killer Edwin Desamour’s illegal and immoral work.