Thailand Bars vs Exodus Road and Mary Nikkel Fiction Writer

March 2023 The Exodus Road Undercover operatives, or should I say Preston Goff and Matt Parker, did their usual regular bar crawl to various brothels around Pattaya, Thailand. (with their other undercover buddies)

The Exodus Road likes to use donation money to visit open-air brothels in Pattaya, you see Pattaya has 30,000 working girls in 1000 open-air beer bars which are hostess bars; the girls all get salaries and are free to leave, and the girls know EXACTLY what they are doing before any of them come to work to Pattaya, because 95% of them come by invite by friends or family who are already working in the sex industry.

The 17-year-old girl (using sisters ID) that they happened to find after 2 days of work in a Thai brothel


The Exodus Road operatives are very keen and consistent to visit all of these gogo, (strip joints) bj bars, and brothels on a regular basis. You can read here about various whistle-blowers exposing how the team operate.

Anyway, they visit a BJ bar, which is a closed bar, for obvious reasons. no one goes in these bars and leaves without having any action, or it would be just weird, and NO girl is ever trafficked or misled to work in these bars. Everyone in Pattaya and Thailand knows what goes on in all these bars and no one cares what two consenting adults do.

Then all of a sudden the bar owners at the BJ bar are arrested by some Bangkok police team, that is behind all the other arrests in this town, and there happens to be a 17-year-old girl working there for 2 days, so is The Exodus Road checking daily? or was it a coincidence she just started working with an older sister’s ID, and they happened to know it wasn’t hers? How would they know that? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out it was a setup.

Then The Exodus Road bullshit queen Mary Nikkel said that this girl didn’t want to work in this Pattaya bj bar and was misled?? when everyone in Pattaya, knows exactly what goes on in these bars. But it doesn’t matter right, because “Elizabeth” from Colorado Springs who is an avid churchgoer and never leaves her town, will soak that right up and send more donations.

Shame on Mary Nikkel writing the following made up story Her cousin was working in the same bar, so how did she not know what she came to work? Total nonsense.

She is willing to make up stories to get more donations for the exodus road

If you would like to contact Mary Nikkel to let her know that her team put innocent people in jail, destroyed lives, and stopped the bread-winning 17-year-old girl from working for 2 weeks. (she was working again in another bar/brothel after 2 weeks using her sister’s ID again and she is happy earning good money again) That will put another innocent business owner in jail when The Exodus Road calls the police. (my point here is they don’t rescue or do aftercare; they count the arrest as a rescue) If they really cared, they would inform business owners of her real age so she can’t get a job in any of the Pattaya bars again, which isn’t that difficult to do.

Here is a video about Pattaya; you can see why The Exodus Road likes to hang around a lot, it’s a lot of fun and they can do some deep and thorough investigation in over 1000 bars on a nightly basis, working with some corrupt police from Bangkok to make a raid when they have a girl in place.

Help us expose this charity, we welcome more victims and whistle-blowers. Putting innocent people in jail for donations is not good.